Week 42 - 6/27/16 - 7/3/16

W5 of T8 6/27/16 - 7/3/16
Bike Stats
Total: 1045.4 Miles*
Weekly: 58.334 Miles
MaxSpd: 23.2mph
AvgSpd: 10.9mph
Time: 5hrs 18min 19sec

*Broke 1000 miles! Finally. Took me just over 6 months of biking.
That's a lot of biking! This is not including my first 3 1/2 transfers of biking 100+ miles a week in Beaumont. If I had to put a guess on how many miles I have actually put on this bike, it would be somewhere in the realms of 2500-3000 miles so far.

Well, this week was good! It was my Bday, Canada Day, and it was Mom's Bday too! On top of that, we did some good missionary work this week!

Our investigator, G, is set to get baptized this next Sunday! Super duper exciting! He is such a cool guy and has come such a long way! He was taught about a year ago by some other missionaries but then he had to leave town and lost contact with the missionaries, but then he moved back a few weeks ago and we got back in contact with him! But he is doing very well. The Lake Shore Ward had a baptism tonight and we took G with us to go and witness the baptism. The Spirit was super strong and the speakers said just what G needed to hear! It was wonderful!

Wednesday night, we went on splits with some Ward missionaries to go a do some rescue visits. I went with a new member to go and visit some less active members in the North part of our area. It's amazing to see what can happen when members and missionaries combine their faith. All the houses that we went to go and try were houses that Elder Lacusta and I had tried before. But when Thomas and I went to go and visit them, we got to talk to everyone that we tried. It was amazing!

Thursday night we were able to have a lesson with another investigator! It was our first lesson with her, but she had been to church with her member friend for about the last month. But, it was a very good lesson and we were able to set her on date for the 24th! She had to go to Las Vegas for a while, but she will be back soon! And we will start teaching her again!

We have another investigator who came back to church today after being gone for a few months due to some family problems! She was super close to baptism a few months ago, but she had to stop coming to church and meeting with the missionaries. But she is excited to be back and has decided to keep meeting with the missionaries! We are super excited to start teaching her again!

But, it's Independence Day today. I encourage you all to find an independence from sins. Choose to fight for the Lord! Don't be bound by sins, be obedient to the commandments and you will find yourself free!

Love you all! I'll talk to you later! Thanks to all who wished me a Happy bday! I wish you all the best and a Happy America Day!

-Elder Allen

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