Week 89 - Texas Crayfish Day!

Week 89 - 4/3/17 - 4/9/17

This week was General Conference and as always, very edifying and uplifting. I hope that all yall were able to watch it or listen to it or had some other way of tuning in to hear it. I hope that yall all got answers to your questions and desires. I certainly did.

Other than that. Updates. Sorry for not emailing last week. We were super busy with Transfers and such. Keep it down! I didn't get transferred and that is ok. I did get a new companion though! His Name is Elder Brinkerhoff from Mesa, Arizona. He is a super cool guy! We are going to slay it this transfer here in Cleveland.

Luke went to the temple. But I wasn't able to go with them:( 

We were able to go to the temple another time though! This time with the mission. 

We had lots of meat. This is what Texas is known for people. And there is no better place than Cleveland to get your fair share of meat. 

Then a few pics of the old District all together!

And then a pic of Elder Brinkerhoff and I!

Love Yall!


-Elder Allen

Week 88 - 3/38/17 - 4/2/17