Week 86 - 3/13/17 - 3/19/17

Hey Fam and Friends!

This week was a week of first time events. Lemme go through and I will see if I can list a few of them!

1. First time I have played the piano in sacrament Meeting 2. First time I have played the piano with other people singing...
3. First time I passed the sacrament to the Bishop.
4. First time I've had a snake around my neck.
5. First time I've been to a scrap metal place.
6. First time I've had a cat in my hood.
7. First time the Elders Meal calendar has been full for the next two weeks straight.

We had a super cool experience with me playing the piano and everything. The Sisters in the Ward had a baptism on Saturday and they were asked to sing Our Saviors Love. So naturally they decided to ask me, cause I'm pretty much the best piano player ever and I've been playing for my entire life. For those who don't me, that entire last sentence is a lie. Just about everything I've learned I've learned on my mission. So they pulled out the sheet music and told me to play it, which I semi reluctantly agreed to. It's Wednesday and the baptism is on Saturday and I am supposed to learn how to play a song that I've never played before right? So I do. When we practice Thursday, they say that the key is too high and that I need to learn a new key. So I do that too. Then they say that he music is a little interesting and I need to spice it up a little bit... so I do. Long story short, I write my own accompaniment to Our Saviors Love in about a half hour and spend the next half hour practicing. The baptism rolls around and we perform it and the spirit that it brought is incredible. It was awesome! I only messed up a few times;)

But apparently it was good enough to get an invite back. Bishop called us later that night and asked to perform tomorrow for Sacrament meeting. So we did.

I got to pass the sacrament and I forgot how much I love to do that. I got to pass it to Bishop and as ironic as it sounds, I think that it was the first time I have ever passed the Sacrament to Bishop.

We got rid of the washer. And the dryer that decided it wanted to tag along as well.

Our meal calendar has filled up. I guess people are starting to like us.

Love y'all! Have a good week!


-Elder Allen

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