Week 85 - 3/7/17 - 3/13/17

Fish, Sheep, & Goats

Good Morning!

Highlights of the week.

We went fishing today.

Tammy is getting baptized soon.

Cody is getting baptized soon as well!

I herded sheep.

We got to hold a baby goat at our Ward Mission Leaders house.

We had pizza for 5 meals this week.

Trying to figure out how to multiply matrices on our white board.

Exchanges! I lead out the English area with a Spanish elder with me. Fun!

More Exchanges tonight. I get to go to Spanishland.

We played basketball with the Spanish branch Friday night.

We played chair soccer for workouts in the morning with the Spanish elders.

Jack in the Box wrecked my insides.

Waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is life.

Taco Bell can wreck your insides too.

I buried another elder.

So he buried me.

Bananas and orange juice is always a good snack.

So is apple sauce.

Always put ice in you milk. It tastes better.

I made a quesadilla.

It rained. A lot.

Pollen is out in full force! Everything is coated with a thin layer of the stuff.

I didn't catch a fish today.

But I think I caught a turtle. 4 times.

Then the line snapped. 4 times.

Then I started thinking it wasn't a turtle.

Until another Elder caught it too.

And his line snapped, too.

We moved a washing machine in the back of our truck.

Pulled the axles off of a single wide trailer in our white shirts.

Only got a little bit dirty:)


-Elder Allen

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