Week 55 - 8/8/16 - 8/14/16

W5 of T9 8/8/16 - 8/14/16
Total: 1276.7 miles
Week: 14.535 miles
MaxSpd: 26.4 mph
AvgSpd: 12.1 mph
Time: 1hrs 11min 52sec

Hey Fam!

This week has been a ride, that's for sure. The church has policies that must be adhered to and those are for our protection. I learned this week that sometimes leadership in the church goes about telling you about it. But you have to be willing to accept the correction in whatever way it comes and while yes, it hurts, accept it and move on. I don't want to go into too much detail, but D was set to get baptized this last weekend and we were close. Leadership, both Mission, Ward, and stake pulled the entire thing out of our hands on Friday night and we had no idea. They changed and completely scrapped our plans and chastised us for doing what we thought was right. The sooner you accept that correction and change, the better off you'll be. The baptism got moved from Saturday to Sunday because of something that in our eyes was completely ridiculous. It was set for 5:00 on Sunday. D was set to show up to the church at 4:15 to get ready. We got a call at 4:00 telling us that the baptism was a no go.

D is taking it pretty well, but he is very very disappointed. He was looking forward to it and has been looking forward to it for quite a while now. He took work off this last weekend to get baptized and it ended up not happening.

This experience has opened our eyes. The Lord is truly in control and it will be His will that is done. It's our duty to accept it and move on. Which we are doing this week!

Love you guys! We went to the temple this week and it was truly wonderful, as it always is. I love the Houston Temple! It's beautiful.

Love ya fam!

We are still eating good out here!

-Elder Allen

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