Week 54 - 8/1/16 - 8/7/16

Aug 8, 2016

Our week was a little bit slower than all the other weeks, but it was still good. We still have some amazing investigators! They are all doing really well, and its really cool to see God's hand in our life and in the life of our investigators. this week seemed to be hotter than the last weeks, but I think its just the same. We can't get away from the head and I'm starting to think sub 50 temp is a myth.

"I" texted us earlier today and told us that her husband gave her an ultimatum. Pick between the church or him. We don't exactly know what to do right now with that whole situation. She doesn't have the money for a divorce and she definitely doesn't want one. But she doesn't want to leave the church either. We don't know.

thank you for sending the card! I appreciate it. 

I'll try to send more letters! These last few weeks have been very very rushed and its not to great. pdays have been crammed and we have to wait for everyone elses time schedule cause we don't have a car and have to be driven everywhere. It's a pain though.

I love you much! Thank you for everything!

-Elder Allen


W4 of T9 8/1/16 - 8/7/16 
Bike Stats
Total: 1262.1 miles
Weekly: 43.810 miles
MaxSpd: 25.8mph
AvgSpd; 11.3mph
Time: 3hrs 52min 0sec

Hey Family and Friends!

Its me. I am still here in Houston and its still super hot! We are still biking around a lot and still sweating our little tails off. We are still teaching people and testifying of Jesus Christ to everyone that we can. 

We had Zone meeting on Friday and that was a lot of fun. We were able to learn all about Atonement and missionary work and how they relate. It was super amazing to see and the application is truly wonderful. 

D is set to get baptized on Saturday if everything goes through and it sounds like it will! We are super duper excited for him and his family. It will be able to help a lot in his house. 

I am still alive! We are going to the temple tomorrow and we are having our recent convert driving us. It'll be a super sweet experience and we are super excited.

The power of the Priesthood is real. It is not to be used to bless only members, but to bless nonmembers too. We had the opportunity to give a few blessings this week and its truly amazing to see that the Spirit is the same. I never really thought about it until a little while ago, but God truly does love all of His children, not just the ones that are baptized members. 

I have to go, but I love all of you! Keep being awesome!

-Elder Allen

Check out the Wasp Nest we found. Luckily they were all dead. Thank goodness, I don't like things that fly and swarm around me with the possibly of stinging me.

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