Week 43 - 7/4/16 -0 7/10/16

W6 of T8 7/4/16 - 7/10/16
Bike Stats
Total: 1082.9 Miles
Week: 37.467 miles
MaxSpd: 30.1mph
AvgSpd: 11.7mph
Time: 3hrs 11min 21sec

Hey Fam!

Well, this was the last week of the transfer and good things are happening! G was able to be baptized this last Sunday due to a series of events that were nothing short of miracles.

Come around Wednesday, we went over to his house to plan his baptism with the Ward Mission Leader. Throughout us teaching him, he's been on the fence in deciding whether or not to get baptized. When we went over that night, he decided against being baptized, on the reasoning that he hadn't received an answer yet. Oh, I forgot to mention, it was just me and Bro Miller, the WML. We had gone on splits again and Elder Lacusta was with another Ward Missionary. So we sat there for an hour trying to resolve his concerns about the Book of Mormon and got nowhere with it. What it came down to and what we did is this: Get on your knees and pray. Right now. So we did. And it was amazing. We all felt the Spirit and recognized it. But he still didn't want to go through with it. So we committed him to read JSH.

When we came back the next day (Thursday) to check up on him, he had read it. But he still didn't want to get baptized. So we had to cancel the interview that we set up the next day with the District Leader, but we went ahead and called President Drake to come with us on Friday. Back up to Thursday, the member that we had with us challenged him to get down on his knees and pray about it that night and see if it was the right thing to do. Well, fast forward to tomorrow real quick. We had our lesson with President at the church and G comes in and right away we could tell that something was different. He sat down and started to talk. He talked about some stuff and about the church for about 5 minutes. Then he paused and said that he wanted to get baptized.

We weren't expecting that. We brought President to help us resolve his concern, not to interview him. G started telling us how the member we brought on Thursday, Bro Hay, had texted him Thursday night at 11:45 at night, reminding him to say his prayers. Which he did. He looked at us and he told us that he received an answer and it was one of those 'well duh' moments.

The miracles that were happening were unreal. We looked at President and he was smiling real big, so we asked President to interview him right then and there, which he did. So we left the room. We came back in after running home to grab some paper work and they were both there, smiling real big. G said that he had thoughts of postponing his baptism so his sister could come. We asked where she lived and he said that she lived in Florida. But then he dropped the real bomb. She was in Italy for a study abroad program till the end of August. Greg thought about it for a second and simply said, "I feel like I need to just do it this Sunday." So we proceeded to plan a baptism for this Sunday.

We went over there again Saturday night to be with G and his family and to talk about the Baptismal program.

Now, this is where it gets real.

We walk in and there was a lady that we had never seen before. She introduces herself as G's Sister and we were kinda like: What the heck? thought she was in Italy, right? Come to find out, she had flown in last night (Friday night) and surprised everyone. She had no idea that G was getting baptized. She had just shown up cause she was having knee problems and needed to come home. What the heck, right?!
Crazy that! She doesn't even live in Houston!! She lives in Florida!!
She just came to Houston to visit the family on her way home from Italy.

What the heck!?

The baptism was super cool! We love the family very much and everything just seemed to come together for it.

That was the big miracle of the week!

Transfers! I am staying in Summerwood and Elder Lacusta is leaving. I don't know too much going on, but we will see what happens here!

Love y'all!

-Elder Allen

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