Week 58 - 8/22/16 - 8/28/16

W1 of T10 8/22/16 - 8/28/16
Bike Stats
Total: 1335.9 miles
Weekly: 30.686 miles
MaxSpd: 27.3mph
AvgSpd: 11.1mph
Time: 2hrs 44min 56sec

Hey Fam! Sorry I didn't write last week! I have decided to compile a list of lessons that I learn this week, this being Tuesday evening. So, this list is a constant list of lessons that I learn.

Insert from Sunday Night! => Some of these are lessons I have learned already a few times, but I'm stubborn...

Things I learned this week:

1. *The Lord likes it a lot better when you get out, regardless of weather or how late it is.
2. Look for the miracles, cause you WILL see them
3. *Regardless of how good you teach or how strong the Spirit is, people still have their agency. No matter how bold you are with them, sometimes they will still choose their own way.
4. Miracle do happen. I heard that J from Beaumont is supposed to get baptized here in the next little while.
5. *Service and work can be fun!
6. I love Hot Wheels cars!
7. *When you do what is right, you feel a lot better about your life. When you read your scriptures, it makes all the difference. You don't know how much you need it until you don't do it for a day.
8. The Members love missionaries. And we love them!
9. Blessings are there to be given, no matter what time of day or for what.
10. *Soap is very very slick when you are barefoot.
11. Singing makes life a lot better and happier. Elder Hobbs and I have taken to singing all the time and I like it. 
12. *You choose to be happy. There ain't no problem to that. Just pick to be and you can be!:) If you are depressed, it will rub off on others. So be happy, it'll rub off too!
13. Ice Cream makes everything better.
14. People you don't know are watching exactly what you do, all the time.
15. 4 people teaching 1 lesson works sometimes. But sometimes 4 missionaries are too much for 1 person. But not this time!
16. Malt-o-Meal is good stuff. It's cheap, tastes good and fills you up. But they don't sell the Maple and Brown Sugar stuff down here, the original is just not as good. So put brown sugar and maple syrup in it and it's great!
17. God knows each and every single one of us personally and as we commit to live better, that's when we are forgiven.
18. *Bathroom doors don't come off very easily, but you can still run around the apartment regardless:)
19. I can still do a front flip. Working on a side flip now.
marketamerica can make you a lot of $$$
20. *Mexican food for a few nights in a row will wreck your insides, but it tastes so dang good!

*I learned these ones the hard way

The big thing this week was this: Be happy. When life hits you, smile or eat some ice cream or find something fun to do, cause it makes life a heck of a lot easier and more fun and people around you notice that. If you aren't having fun, then you are doing something right. Even the hard work has fun things that you can tie in with it. This life is worth loving and being happy! Remember, Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy. The purpose of this life is to be happy. If you aren't happy doing the right thing, then fix something in your life because you aren't fulfilling the full measure of your creation.

Have a good week Fam! I love you all!


-Elder Allen 

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