Week 41 - 6/20/16 - 6/26/16

W4 of T8 6/20/16 - 6/26/16
Bike Stats
Total: 987.10miles
Week: 58.544miles
MaxSpd: 28.1mph
AvgSpd: 10.7mph
Time: 5hrs 27min 22sec

Well hey friends and family! It was a good week!

We had exchanges this Friday and Saturday and it was really cool to see the miracles that come from these exchanges! It seemed that there were a lot more people outside that actually cared what we had to say.

We had a bunch of investigators come to church! Some exciting things are happening here in Summerwood and it is super cool to see. 

I wanna tell a story about some seagulls. Don't tune out cause this is a really good story!

*proofreads entire email and adds following* (editors note)
But before you read this whole thing, here's a quick summary for those of you that don't have time: Just do it. Don't wait to be asked. Be proactive in things and be accountable to yourself, your church, and your Heavenly Father. Decide to act now. Don't wait. Alright: Y'all can be done with this email. That's the gist of it. 

And for those of you that have nothing going off because of #summer:

There were some seagulls that saved some starving pioneers from an infestation of locusts. That's a lot of locusts. But because they saved this band of people, they became the State Bird of the Glorious State of Utah, henceforth making it illegal to shoot em. As a result, the Glorious State of Utah is no longer infested with locusts, but with seagulls. Here's the problem. Locusts are small. Seagulls are a little bit bigger. The Seagulls take up quite a bit more room than the locusts do. They are also very very annoying. In my humble opinion, they are more annoying than locusts. How many times have you walked outside Walmart or some other store with a bag of food or chewing down on a hotdog from RC Willey and the seagulls swarm you? One too many times, right? Bottom line, no one likes seagulls and though we appreciate what they did for the early Mormon Pioneers, they shouldn't be classified as the state bird. We should petition. But if they say that we should keep it, we petition to let us shoot em or something. Just have an open range for a day. Another point that I just thought of. These modern day seagulls are descendants of the Pioneer Seagulls, right? Which means that they are being honored for something that their ancestors did, right? What if seagulls did family history? Can you imagine the pics of their ancestors? They'd probably all look the same for the most part. Seriously though, no one likes seagulls. But ask them about family history sometime. Wait, they can't talk. So don't ask them. Cause they're birds. We will probably never know if seagulls do family history work.

Just kidding. Here's the real story. But that one was pretty good right? Sorry, got carried away. I look back and realize that I typed way too much and that most of you will never read this anyway.

There were 2 seagulls sitting on a log. 1 of them decides to fly away. How many seagulls are left perched on the log?

Now you might be saying to yourself that there is only 1 left, right? But look at the wording. The seagull DECIDED to fly away. He didn't actually fly away. Sneaky right? 

Our President told us that story the other day in his email a few weeks ago. Just because we decide to do something and we believe that it is the right thing to do doesn't mean that we actually do it. Nike has a saying: Just Do It. Do is an action word. It isn't a passive word. It's the action of putting effort into something, taking time to actually accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Now, that's some wisdom right there. 

Lesson learned: Act on the impressions you receive. Don't just think about it and talk about it and decide to do it but never do it. Actually do it. It's a lot harder than it sounds right? But the sooner that you learn this simple concept and apply it, the better off you'll be. It's taken me almost a year to learn this and I am not even close to perfect at it, so start now to become the person that you want to be. Cause no matter what happens in your life, no matter how much experience you gain, you aren't going to be better until you act. 

Alright, done preaching. Sorry for the really long email. But it makes up for last week! Y'all have a blessed day! Happy America day a week early!
-Elder Allen
Ps. Funny story. We sang America the Beautiful in Sacrament meeting this week. My companion is from Canada. His face was priceless!! I made sure to sing extra loud cause he wasn't; he was too busy stifling laughter. He thinks America Pride is hilarious. 

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