Week 39 - 6/6/16 - 6/12/16

W2 of T8 6/6/16 - 6/12/16
Bike Stats
Total: 871.20 miles
Week: 40.753 miles
MaxSpd: 30.0mph*
AvgSpd: 10.8mph
Time: 3hrs 44min 48sec

*finally hit 30! I was biking on the feeder road to Beltway 8 with a slight tail wind and the cars passing me at 60mph created a sort of draft! I was able to slide in and bounce right up there to 30:) Shhhhhhh, don't tell Mom I was biking on the highway

But hey, there's this thing that our mission is referring to as the Gold Mine.

Gold Mine - Part Member families, unbaptized children, prospective elders, and less active or inactive families.

The mission is making a big ol' push to achieve success through the Gold Mine. This is what we spent the last week doing; finding investigators and families interested in coming back to church through the gold mine. So far, we have had a bunch of success!

We finally have a new Ward Mission Leader and he is super cool! He is a dentist right here in Summerwood, so he is always close. He loves doing missionary work and has some fantastic ideas for the Ward! It'll be super duper good to work with him. He loves to come out with us and visit either less actives or investigators that we have. He has come out with us 4 or so times this last week and it is truly amazing to see the difference that members make in the work. When it's just missionaries, they can't do a whole lot, but when you add the members, that's when the miracles happen.

If you think back to the story of Alma and Amulek, Alma couldn't do it on his own. When he went to Ammonihah, he was spit upon and cast out.
He had just come from Melek, where they had baptized just about everyone and this change of events was a shocker to him. But, the Lord told him to go back. So he did, but he went by another way. He met Amulek and asked for dinner. Amulek said yes and so they went to Amulek's house and Alma shared a spiritual thought. Amulek liked it so much that they stayed for an entire week! Alma was like, 'this is awesome! Let's go teach some people!' So they went back outside and Alma started talking. The people spit on him and ridiculed him, same result, right? Then Amulek starts talking. One of the people of Ammonihah was telling his neighbors about the Gospel, and they actually started to listen! They ended up having a bunch of success and most of it ended up happily ever after.

Stake conference was this weekend! It was super good!

But that's about it! Love y'all very much!

-Elder Allen

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