Week 67 - 10/31/16 - 11/6/16

W5 of T11 10/31/16 - 11/6/16
Bike Stats
Total: ???
Weekly: ???
MaxSpd: ???
AvgSpd: ???
Time: ???

I forgot to write the Bike Stats down this week before we left the apt:( first time in a long time that I've done that. Sorry guys. We did bike more this week than last week though!

Last week y'all got that really really long email and this week I wanted to send more pictures. So that's what I'm going to do!

What humidity does to fans.
We got our car stuck. But luckily all the members down here have trucks!

Dinner. Golden Grahams and Dr Pepper.

Our teaching pool when I got here.

Our teaching pool after I went through and fixed all the addresses.

Outline of our boundaries and teaching pool. Blue are less actives. Light gray are people who have been taught before but are no longer being taught. Green are progressing investigators. Dark Gray are potential. Yellow are New Investigators. Red are those who would like to be green, but can't find it within the depths of their soul to start doing something right in their lives...:(

This month as a mission, we are focusing on Revelation Through Sacrament Meeting Attendance. Think about Christ on the Road to Emmaus. I think it's found in Luke 24. 2 Disciples were walking on this road, leaving Jerusalem. Christ appeared to them, but was withheld from their sight. It's says that he expounded all the scriptures concerning himself from Moses and all the prophets to them. As the night fell, they asked him to Abide with them cause the day was far gone, meaning the sun was going down. He did so. Later that night, Christ broke bread with them and vanished from their sight. The 2 disciples looked at each other and remembered that their hearts had burned within them as they had talked by the way. They had read scriptures together. They had been in the presence of their Savior and didn't know Him. It wasn't until they broke bread together, meaning the Sacrament, that they fully realized who their guest was. If we don't go to church, if we stray away from the things we've been taught, we will wander to and fro, seeking the truth and will not find it, for we are not going to church and Worshipping. Scriptures are good and all, talking about Christ is good and all, but worshipping at Church brings a culmination  and a realization of this Spirit that we feel when we read the scriptures and talk of Christ. Going to church truly then allows us to Rejoice in Christ and His glorious Atonement. I know that this is true.

Hopefully that brightened someone's day! 

Alright! That about sums it up for this week! Have a nice week and keep being magnificent!

-Elder Allen

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