Week - 65 - 10/17/2016

W2 of T11
Bike Stats
Total: 1618.0 miles
Weekly: 9.400 miles
MaxSpd: 21.3 mph
AvgSpd: 10.3 mph
Time: 54 min 34 sec

Hey Fam! As you can see from the Bike Stats, we didn't go to far this week on bikes. All our appointments were on other ends of town from each other, so we blew through a whole bunch of miles this week... but it was good! We taught a whole bunch of people and whole bunch of lessons, so that was good!

Vidor just keeps getting better and better! We met a lady this week named Monique; she has taken the lessons for a while now and she doesn't really know how to transition everything to action. She has a pet raccoon. And 9 cats. And 5 birds. A rabbit. 30+ dogs. All small little chihuahua dogs... I stopped counting at 30 cause well, that's just too many. Very very loud house.

This week,was homecoming week! Everything in Vidor shuts down for homecoming, all the schools get out early, the businesses shut down. Everything closes. Main Street shuts down and there's a parade. The football game is later that night. The parade was good and we didn't get to go to the football game,  but Vidor won! So that's good. 

I had oysters for the first time... they were already shelled and on ice. Didn't taste bad necessarily and the texture is a little less than to be desired, but overall it wasn't bad! There was fried shrimp and fish and French fries. It was a little hole in the wall shack, but it was very good!:) 

It was a good week!

Address update. I sent the wrong one:(  
Elder Allen
255 E Courtland Apt B
Vidor, TX 77662

Don't worry too much! If you sent it to 265 E Courtland I'll still get it. But send it here now. This is ours.

Thanks Fam! Bye!

-Elder Allen


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