Week 34 - 5/2/16 - 5/8/16

W3 of T7 5/2/16 - 5/8/16
Bike Stats
Total: 675.12 Miles
Week: 26.089 Miles
MaxSpd: 23.1 mph
AvgSpd: 11.6 mph
Time: 2hrs 14min 00sec

Well hey y'all! I'm trying to get back into this whole day by day thing, buts it's already Thursday...

Monday was good! We had a fun pday at the church and played basketball, chair soccer, and volleyball and it was a blast! We didn't have a basketball to play with, so I had to break into the sports closet in the gym with a knife and a credit card. It's amazing to see what skills you pick up on a mission

Tuesday was good too! We taught lesson after lesson and it was awesome! The member work is really picking up now days. It's super nice. We are getting a lot of support from the Ward and I am learning a lot from Elder Lacusta. He has been out for a little longer than me and has member work pretty much figured out. It's good to be able to learn about the 'How' more so than the 'what'. Everyone knows the 'what', not a lot of people know the 'how'.

Wednesday was good also! We didn't have too much to do today, but we taught some lessons and contacted a few people.

Well we had a few good days this week! There were lots of things that we were able to see happen and people that we have seen progression in!

This email will be short cause everyone already knows everything that I am saying... You heard it last week too! We didn't bike a lot this week. We got a bunch of rides from members and we walked quite a ways, which was nice. We are trying to find new ways of commuting to and from appointments, and it seems to be working!

I got to talk to my family! They are doing good and they are still alive! That's good:)

-Elder Allen

Oh! Funny story. We were teaching a lesson to one of our investigators and there was a knock on the door. We had a member with us and after our investigator got up to answer the door, we started making jokes about how the Jehovah's Witnesses were at the door. Well, it turns out that it wasn't them. But, it was the Kirby Vacuum salespeople. Our investigator came back and the Kirby Vacuum salesperson was with him. They started setting up the whole presentation thingy and we continued teaching our lesson. the Kirby Vacuum salesperson came over to start to listen to us. He was religious guy and we started asking him some questions. So, it came down to the fact that he WAS a Jehovah's Witness... So that was hilarious. Then we taught him the Restoration and our investigator was teaching with us and that was hilarious! After the lesson ended, we got the guys info and sent it off. Then we decided to stay and sit through the whole Kirby Vacuum live commercial thingy. You know how much they want for a vacuum? $2400. Way too much for a stinking vacuum. But it was hilarious! The guy kept on trying to get us to buy it. He tried sooooo many different tactics to get us to buy it. And our member shot down every single one cause he had seen it a ton before! It was really funny:) Thats our funny story for the week. When we left, he was still trying to get our investigator to buy it. He is probably still there trying to get our investigator to buy it.

-Elder Allen

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