Week 32

Well. Lots to report on this week!

So transfers were supposed to be last Monday but the rain and the flooding made it so that some people couldn't get to transfers, so they postponed them till Saturday. So we had our apartment packed up cause our area was getting shut down and we had to unpack to live in out apartment for the next week, right? We had taken all of our food to the other missionaries apartment cause they needed food and we had a bunch and since we were being transferred on Monday, we didn't need it. Well, we survived on very little food. After we had basically unpacked a lot of our stuff over the course of two days or so, we got a call. This was Wednesday. The call said that we needed to make sure the apartment and the car were clean for tomorrow (Thursday) for transfers. So transfers ended up being on Thursday instead of Saturday, which made it nice to get to the new area and have some food...;)

My new area is called Summerwood. Its at the NorthEast corner of Beltway 8 and it is a biking area! I'll get back to the whole weekly mileage thingy, but its not that big of an area, about 6x6 miles or so. It also happens to be completely different in demographics than my last area! There are about 3 black people... The houses are all very nice. Very nice. Very very nice... I don't know if I like it yet or not. 

My new companion is Elder Lacusta from Calgary! We have had some fun conversations about the different words for things and stuff like that. He and I are basically the same person from different backgrounds. It'll be really cool to see how things work out over the next 5 1/2 weeks. I'll send pictures later on. He's been out about 22 months as near as we can figure. He had to go home for heart surgery a while back and came back out a transfer after I did.

My new apartment is very very nice! There is carpet and a washer and dryer inside the apartment. I don't know what the address is yet, but I'll get that here shortly. 

We have a lot of people that are so ready for the fullness of the Gospel! It'll be awesome to help them progress.

Well, that's about it! Love y'all! Send pics! I'm forgetting what all y'all look like. 

-Elder Allen


The flooding hasn't affected really anyone in our mission. Its mostly the other two Houston Missions that have been affected the most by the flooding. Sounds like you had a lot of fun on the asphalt Paver! Looks like you did too! I didn't get transferred to the boonies. I wish I had. But I am here in the Summerwood neighborhood. Its sick. So much wealth in one spot. Look at some of the houses on Google Maps. The most 'ghetto' neighborhood in my new area is about as nice as the nicest neighborhood in my last area. I don't know how I feel about it yet. President Rascon lives in our area and this is his ward if that gives you any inkling about it... But, all in all, the Ward has a lot of potential and I think we will be able to do wonderful things here!

-Elder Allen

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