Week 33 - 4/25/16 - 5/1/16

Bike Stats 4/25/16 - 5/1/16
Tot: 649.03 Miles
Weekly: 48.838 Miles
MaxSpd: 27.7 MPH
AvgSpd: 11.8 MPH
Time: 4 hrs 7 min and 1 sec

So, I told you that I would get back to this whole Bike stats thingy at the beginning of my email. 

so there it is.

We went to the temple this week on Wednesday and it is super cool! i love the temple so much! 

I was sick on Tuesday and that was an adventure. That was fun!

We have so many investigators that are awesome! There area so many that are close that we are working with! I will let y'all know what happens with them all, but hopefully it'll be good! 

I always love fast and testimony meetings cause they are super cool! The Spirit is always super strong when the testimonies born are centered about Jesus Christ. He is the center of everything that we do and that is what we teach the Investigators and then for them to come and hear a bunch of testimonies about how Jesus Christ is our Savior, it really hits home for them. 

We found 2 dead snakes on the side of the road this week. So we made sure they were dead and took them home with us to play some pranks...

Love y'all very much!
-Elder Allen

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