Week 20

Week 3 of Transfer 3
I was a sinner this week and didn't keep a day by day log. Sorry y'all. I am apologizing now. 

But we had a good week! Other than we weren't able to get anyone to church this week, which was sad. We spent Christmas Eve at a members home and we had Mexican food! It was really good food and they were really nice to us. They tried to make it the best Christmas Eve ever! It was kinda strange not being home and not getting to partake of our Family Traditions, but overall, it was a great Christmas Eve! 

It was sunny and 80 degrees outside all week. Including but not limited to Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Eve Eve. So we turned down the Thermostat on Christmas Eve. Then we put on Sweatshirts and PJs and made Hot Chocolate and pretended like it was actually cold outside. It was good!

On Christmas, we woke up and opened presents! Thanks family! Then we went to District Meeting and had a Christmas lesson. After District Meeting, Sister Longhurst made us all breakfast and it was absolutely amazing! But there was no Breakfast Cake. Sad day. 

We went from District Meeting to the Breauxs house. There we were able to talk to our families over Skype for a little while! It sounds like home is doing good and hasn't really changed too much since I left. I mean, I've only been gone about 5 months, but still. 

After Skyping, we went to the church to play Basketball with an investigator that the Hermanas have! It was really fun! Then it started raining. Then we went to the Breauxs again for dinner! Then we went home. 

Love y'all! Hope y'all have a very Happy Holiday season! 

-Elder Allen

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