Week Something (18)

W2 of T3
Tuesday Our Big Sour Lake Trip day
Well we woke up this morning planning on heading out at about 9:00. Then the other Elder came over for a joint companionship study. They stayed for a while then we left at about 9:30. Elder Dominguez left some things over at our house so we dropped them off. We got on the road at approximately 9:53 or so. 

We arrived in Sour Lake at approximately 11:57 and 32 seconds. (Jk, I don't actually know the exact time, but it sounds cooler to say something exact.) We rolled into town and stopped and bought some Powerade and then the miracles started! Cause ya know, they hadn't started yet. Lemme back up a little bit. On the ride to Sour Lake, we had a slight tail wind. It allowed us to average 18.1 MPH out there, stops included. It was difficult. But it was awesome. Every time a semi passed us on a few feet to our left, we immediately bumped up about 3 MPH. And every time a semi passed us going the other way, we dropped about the same. There must be opposition in all things. The good done by the Good Semis had to be counteracted by the Bad Big Trucks. Then we got to the Sour Lake sign and took a few selfies when there were no cars coming, (so we didn't look like tourists) and took a picture of the odometer. Roughly 18 miles to Sour Lake. Then another 4 to the family that we wanted to visit. We had a good chat about the Gospel and shared the new Christmas Video with them. Then the 4 miles back into town. Then we stopped at Subway and ate food cause we didn't bring food. Smart right? We didn't bring water either. Really Smart, right? We stopped at another members house and she was astounded that we had biked the 20 odd miles to stop and see her. It made an impression on her and everyone else that we saw today. Amazing. Then we biked 5 miles north to go see another family that ended up not being home. So we knocked doors, cause what else would we do with our free time? We found a few people that wanted to hear about what we were doing in Sour Lake. Nothing too solid though. 

The atmosphere in Sour Lake is completely different than that of Beaumont. Everyone wanted to talk to us. Everyone wanted to know why there were two guys in white shirts and ties riding around their town in the middle of nowhere. The members that we saw were astonished that we had biked that far out. It was amazing!

But we started back to catch a dinner appointment in Beaumont. And remember that tail wind we had on the way out? Ya, it was now in our faces. And it made it really hard on two 18 year olds trying to pedal as hard as they could but had already exceeded their limited number of pedal strokes for the day. A member stopped. He asked if we wanted a ride. We told him yes. So we got a ride back to Beaumont. The End! 

We had Christmas Conference! There were a lot of speakers and they were all good! I learned so much that I can take back and apply to our area!

We watched the Cokeville Miracle for our Christmas movie! It was a really good movie with a very nice moral to it!

We got out Christmas Packages! Thanks to all that have sent them!

We had weekly planning today! We also did a district lunch today because we wanted to make pancakes and eat Carolina Reapers. It was a pain. Literally. And it hurt. And i have already done it, but I was dumb enough to eat some more. Then we went out with a priest and knocked doors! We found a few people, but none were too solid. 

We had district meeting this morning. Then we had our District Lunch. After that we went to a lesson and contacted a referral. Then we biked around and then had a lesson with J. J is coming along, but we keep having to push his baptismal date back because he still has some trials that he is overcoming

We were on exchanges today. We had a fun time contacting people! Then we had a fun time talking and visiting people. We gave a blessing also. And we helped set up for a Christmas party that night. Then we went to the Christmas party and I beat everyone at Foosball. It just came natural and I only lost once and it that's because it took two of them to beat me. But I only lost by one point. But I won all the other times. 

We had our ward Christmas program today. It was good and the choir was amazing! I loved it!

We put K on date today! Finally! We don't know how solid it is, but she is on date finally!

-Elder Allen

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