Week 16 11/16/15-11/22/15

Today was pday. We went bowling and it was super fun! I didn't do so well though... So I will not state my score here.

We had another lesson with John today. We had the Roberts, an older couple from the ward, come with us. The Roberts love us and they remind me a lot of Gram and Grandpa. They lived in Oklahoma before they came to Texas and they talk about it a lot. Anyway, the lesson with John went very well! Today was the first day that the temperature really dropped down. 

Funny Story... As we walked outside to get on our bikes at the beginning of the day, we were talking about how hot it was and about how we wished that the temperature would just suddenly drop like 10 or 15 degrees. As we were biking, the rain came in. It was light at first and just kind of off and on. As we stopped to talk to some Hispanic people, the rain really started just pouring. It was raining really hard, but it was still hot and humid. As we started biking again, the rain kept on coming down in bucketfuls. We turned the corner and the temperature just dropped. Like I have never seen or felt the temperature drop so fast. It must've dropped like 20 degrees. And the wind picked up and chilled us right to the bone. We were freezing cold. It was crazy. The temperature drop was instantaneous and immediate and the rain kept coming down. We made it to the church and after staying outside for a second to drain off, walked into the nice warm heated building. We were cold the rest of the day. You know what I learned from this experience? Be careful what you wish for, because Heavenly Father has a sense of humor and the windows of Heaven will pour out more blessings than you even wished for. So what could we do? We said a prayer of gratitude thanking Heavenly Father for listening to us and taking into account our needs and wants. I also  learned that we should just be happy with what we have and not wish for anything else than what he has already given us...

Well we had a scheduled bash today. We met this guy a few weeks ago and he told us that he wanted archeological evidence that the Book of Mormon is true. Thats hard on missionaries! We aren't really allowed to research that topic. He told us that he knew all about Moronis Promise in the last chapter of Moroni. He claimed that if he took that promise, then he was already giving the Book credibility. What I ended up pointing out to him is this, in the promise, Moroni says to pray AFTER you read it and to ask if these things are NOT true. What this means is that after you have gotten this far into the Book, you should already have a knowledge and testimony that it IS true... So I asked him if he had read the Book, to which he answered no... Theres your problem... There was really nothing that we could do after that so we basically just left after that.

After that whole thing, we went on quick exchanges with the South Missionaries. I went with Elder Berry, our DL because he had a Baptismal interview to conduct and Elder Leftwich went with Elder Dominguez to talk to a referral from the ZLs, who had set up an appointment at the same time as the Baptismal Interview. So that was fun.

We had weekly planning today. That was good. This is how weekly planning goes. We consider every investigator, every member, every less active member, every plans to find new investigators, every referral that we haven't contacted, every meeting that we have and then we make plans and goals for what we want to accomplish with each of them in the next week. It is extensive...

We had another lesson with John today. It was a very good lesson and the Spirit was super strong, as it always is. 

We had district meeting! Our Senior couple, the Longhursts, make us dinner every Friday. This week Sister Longhurst made us Thanksgiving dinner and it was super good! We had 4 different pies that she had made along with Turkey, Stuffing, mashed potatoes and such. Super amazingly wonderful Utah Thanksgiving. 

We had another lesson with K this week that went very well! She is making progress, but still won't come to church.

We had a lesson with John tonight. There is a senior couple in Houston that do a really good Word of Wisdom lesson and we had them come out and teach John and they loved it! John thought that it was very beneficial.

We had a service project all morning. We were putting rocks in the flower beds in the Beaumont Chapel. And then the rain came. For the next two hours we were working in the rain. It was a lot of rain. Again. And we were working in it all day.

I was on exchanges with Elder Dominguez. We had to go to a baptism that was in Spanish... As it happens, we were also the witnesses... So we didn't know what the prayer was... That made it interesting.

We had a good time and taught quite a few lessons! But we were in Southern Beaumont, not in our area. 

We went to church and had a good time! John showed up and it was way good! He learned a lot! We all learned a lot!

We taught quite a few lessons today just walking around in the cold. At least it wasn't wet... or Raining. But it was way good! and we were freezing all day cause it was like 50 degrees outside, but the wind and the humidity made it feel like it was negative a lot of degrees. 

-Elder Allen

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