Week 21

Week 4 of Transfer 4. It was brought to my attention that I have been thinking that this has been transfer #3 and it's not... I am almost a quarter of the way done with my mission. 

This week was good, but I'll just highlight a few things that have happened.

All our investigators have pretty much dropped us so it was kind of a downer week. Maybe it was only for the New Year, but we will see

We found a lot of new investigators! We weren't able to meet with any of them more than once because of the Holidays, but we are going to follow up with a lot of them this week!

It was New Years this week! I won't be home at all this Year! I will be serving with 100% of my time. I am so excited! I invite all of you to consider this year. Nothing will happen until you set goals and make plans to accomplish those goals. You must do that to improve and the beginning of the New Year provides the perfect opportunity to do that! 

Love you all!

-Elder Allen

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