Week 12 10/19/15-10/25/15

Disclaimer: This week was a lot of contacting with not too much success. So this is short, just deal with that fact and move on!

Pday! You know how those go

Contacting! All our appointments fell through again. And we didn't get to do much. We were supposed to be on exchanges today, but the District Leader didn't get around to it... He had another appointment hat he had to be at, so we didn't do it today, but we are going to do it tonight and tomorrow!

Anyway, all our appointment fell through, it was just one of those days. We didn't know where to go or what to do. The APs gave us a challenge this last week, which was to literally flood the Earth with righteousness. They interpreted that as being hand out as many possible copies of the BoM as you can. So that's what we spent most of today doing. Talking and testifying of the BoM. It's amazing how powerful it is.

Exchanges! Elder Udall and I were on exchanges today! Once again, all our appointments fell through. So we rode around all day, talking to each other and everybody who we could find. We got about 20 street contacts today, but only passed out 2 copies of the BoM. It was a tough day today.

Elder Leftwich and I are back together now. Somewhere there is a hurricane about to hit. I think Mexico. But they're predicting rain for this entire weekend.

We had weekly planning this afternoon and we decided to make it fun.
We made cookies! But we only had two pie tins. So we could only cook
15 bite sized cookies at a time... We pulled the first tins out and realized we didn't have a cooling rack. So we looked around a little bit and decided to take our fridge apart. We pulled one of the wire shelves out and it happened to fit perfectly over our sink. So we cooled our cookies on a refrigerator shelf over the sink full of dirty dishes. After that, we went out and biked around! Our appointment (singular this time) moved to tomorrow. We biked and biked and handed out copies of the BoM. I can't remember how many we handed out, but it was a lot compared to the typical day.

We had district meeting this morning and it was the last district meeting as a district. Our district hasn't changed in 2 transfers and we've gotten pretty close. But we are going to see what happens for Monday! We will get calls tomorrow! We had a lesson lined up and she actually decided to come! While we were biking to the lesson we contacted a guy who we'd seen before. Last time we saw him, he was having a rough day and asked us to pray with him, which was super cool! We were able to follow up with him and he told us that our prayer on his behalf was the point that changed his entire day around!
Super cool. We handed him a copy of the BoM and taught him about it.
We also delved straight into the Restoration! So we had a lesson on the way to another lesson! First time this week!

Our lesson was good. It was with P. She is very non committal and we have trouble committing her to do anything, but she is e sweetest lady ever!shes almost read the entire BoM from the time we first saw her, yet she isn't making very much progress. She loves talking about Jesus Christ and His grace! She won't come to church unless God tells her to... So we are praying for that.

Transfer calls come today! It started raining this morning and hasn't stopped since. We had nothing better to do so we started biking! Yay!
You step outside and two seconds later, you wanna go back inside! But you just keep on pedaling. We had a goal to pass out as many copies of the BoM as we could. We were still a few short of our goal, but then the miracle happened. We said a prayer and told Heavenly Father that we were going to give out the rest of our copies. We still had like 10 copies in he box. So we prepped them and loaded them up in our backpacks and rode around, cause knocking doors looking like cold, scared, wet, miserable, whimpering, puppies isn't the best idea. We don't get inside like that. So we biked around and contacted people outside! A lot of them had compassion on us and told us to step into heir garage for a few minutes. We were then able to pull out a copy of the BoM and present it to whoever the person was. This happened over and over again and by the end of the day, we had passed out all 10 copies in about 4 hours before the rain fm got so bad that we decided to go home... That bumped us up to 37 copies for the last week and a half from the time of the APs challenge. Crazy, huh!?

Well calls came and I'm staying Beaumont! And I have another 6 weeks with my trainer! Our district will be the exact same for another 6 weeks with the exception of Elder Udall, our district leader. So this will be the 3rd transfer of the best district in the mission!

Church! Yay! I like church. It's one of my favorite times of he entire week. It was the primary program and I was reminded a lot of back home. It rained all last night and all today too. We didn't have any investigators at church cause the roads were so bad. Half our ward didn't show up... Crazy. Lots of rain.

After church it rained a lot. All day. I like rain. You never get dehydrated while riding a bike in the rain!

-Elder Allen

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