Week 13? 10/26/15-11/1/15

We had another pday... This time we stayed at the church by ourselves, cause everyone else was at transfer meeting. I'm still in Beaumont, but I'm don't training! And I'm still with my trainer

We don't have a car, so we weren't able to go shopping for food yesterday, so that's what we did this morning! The Ward trunk or treat is also coming up so we grabbed a bunch of flyers to pass out to random people and invite them.

We gave R (our recent convert) a call and asked him if we could meet with him. He said yes, so we went over for dinner and a had a lesson with him. It was a really good lesson and the Spirit was super strong!

We have a somewhat new district. Everyone has been together for the last two transfers and we just found out that everyone but the DL is staying for another one! Our district is fantastic! It is so much fun to be a part of it. We have breakfasts and lunches together all he time and I end up making pancakes a lot...:) that's what happened today! I got to make pancakes. It was a very nice honor and blessing to eat pancakes, cause my comp is sick of them... He won't eat them anymore. The pancakes were really good!! I put some blueberries in some. And I put other things in others, but they all turned out really well!

We had a lesson today with K. Her husband is a member and she has been investigating the church for quite some time, but she just won't commit to anything. But the lesson we had today was amazing! She really opened up to us and told us hat she already knew she was gonna get baptized, she just needed to know that all of this was for her, and not for anyone else. We were able to help her see how she would be able to tell if all of this is true. Remember my farewell talk? The one about knowing truth? Ya... That's come in handy so many times already. People want to know how to tell truth and I know how to direct them to that. Crazy how that works right? K said that she would think about it some more.

Tonight we had the trunk or treat! It was a lot of fun and most of the ward was dressed up in costumes. Here were a lot of Less active families and also a bunch of nonmembers there! Super cool how a party can bring everybody out... We were able to meet quite a few people!

Weekly planning is always on a Thursday. So surprise! We planned for the next week today. I caught a gecko and named him J. He was green sometimes and brown other times and I have a habitat on my desk. I tamed him and he sat on my arm. He's dead now:(

We had our Hour of Power tonight and we took R. We had him pray over a road that seemed good to him. Funny story, the road he picked is one that we have knocked over and over again. Another funny story, the first two houses we knocked on we taught lessons... Members combined with the full time missionaries are amazing. R said what each person at the houses need to hear and it's something that neither I nor Elder Leftwich would've thought to say. It was absolutely amazing! We taught the lesson and R taught the person from personal experiences. It was amazing.

Today was zone meeting! We got a new zone leader this transfer and he is amazing! Our new district leader is pretty cool too. Zone meeting was absolutely amazing! I was able to learn so much that I can now bring back to our area. We had a lesson after zone meeting with an older lady named Imogene. She's 89. I'll let y'all know what happens!

It rained all day. We got a text saying that we needed to stay inside for the day cause there was so much rain. It made for an eventful day...

We did what we could, but I hate being stuck inside the apartment. Halloween! Happy Halloween. R invited us over for dinner which we accepted, but we still had to be inside by 7:00. Dinner was good! Apparently the food that I know as 'Stuff over Fritos' is actually called Frito Pie... Essentially the same thing. 

We went to church and it was amazing! The newly called Houston temple president is from the Beaumont ward and the Bishop asked him to take the last few minutes and bear his testimony, which he did wonderfully and powerfully. He is a truly remarkable man. 

Other than that, it rained lot. All day. Again. We tried biking around, but there was nobody out. We tried knocking a few doors, but nothing. So we went around to members houses and actually met some of the members of the ward! It was really cool! 

Happy next week!

-Elder Allen

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