Focal Point Nov 2015

November 2015 

Added to the Fold 

Focal Point 

Beaumont Zone 
Teryn Farrow 
Catlyn Skinner 
Davin Soignet 
Jared Soignet 
Marissa Soignet 
Micah Wagner 
Broadway Zone 
Leo Martinez 
Nallely Martinez 
Emanuel Quesada 
Melissa Rodriguez 
Derek Rodriguez 
Constelacion Torres 
Emily Sanchez 
Kingwood Zone 
Vanessa Yescas 
Thomas Alger 

Orange Zone 
Jamie Decorte 
Sarah Decorte 
Edward Patton 
Charlene Patton 
Mandy Frazier 
Sunshine Lopez 
Casey Robilard 
Khalil Seller 
Pasadena Zone 
Tony Morales 
Ashley Smith 
Pine Trails Zone 
Wilfredo Molina 
Andres Rendon 
Summerwood Zone 
Tyler Ranges 
Amber Byford 
Matthew Hosking 
Donald Holcomb 

The Standard Bearers 
(met their baptism and reactivate goal) 
Kingwood Zone 
Hermanas Kikongi / Conrad 
Elders Murdock / Moeakola 
Elders Dabb / Paulson Pine Trails Zone 
Hermanas Wilson / Carling 
Elders Martin / Henrie 
Broadway Zone 
Elders Reed / Dennis / Roberts 
Elders Kohler / Ludlow 
Hermanas Davies / Barrus 
Hermanas Leiva / Owens 
Summerwood Zone 
Sisters Casas / Wilson 
Sister Johnson / Malm 
Pasadena Zone 
Elders Heath / Crawford 
Elders Rasband / Asay 
Hermanas Stevens / Hull 
Hermanas Johnson / Francis 
Sisters Wood / Knight 
Orange Zone 
Elders Roberts / Strong 
Sisters Castaneda / Sessions 
Elders Moos / Boyack 
Elders Knebell / Saunders 
Elders Harrington / Hansen 
Beaumont Zone 
Sisters Tanuvasa / Cooper 
Elders Lacusta / Swallow 
Elders McDonald / Forbush 

L to R: Sister Tanuvasa, Caitlyn Skinner, Sister Cooper 

L to R: Sister Cooper, Teryn Farrow, Bro.Hewlett, Sister Ta-nuvasa 

L to R: Elder Ludlow, Derrick Ramirez, Melissa Gallegos, and Elder Kohler 

L to R: Elder Wooton, Andres and Elder Nickolaus 

Convert Baptism - Our First Covenant 

L to R: Hermana Conrad, Hermana Kikongi, Vanessa Romero, Hermana Sharpe 

L to R: Hermana Johnson, Leonel Avalos, Hermana Fran-cis. 

L to R: Elder Smith, Brother John Hanks, Charlene Patton, Edward Patton, Elder Roberts, Elder Strong 

L to R: Elder Moeakiola, Brother Curtis, Brother Al-ger, Elder Murdock 

L to R: Hermana Leiva and Hermana Owens 
Leo and Nallely Martinez 

L to R: Hermana Davies, Hermana Barrus, Constelacion Torres, Gracie Rubio, Agustine Lopez 

L to R: Elder Moos, Sarah Decorte, Jamie De-corte and Elder Boyack 

L to R: Hermana Leiva and Hermana Owens 
Emmanuel Cisneros 

Convert Baptism - Our First Covenant 

L to R: Sister Wood, Ashley Smith, Sister Knight 

Arriving - 
Missionaries to Preach My Gospel 

Departing - Spiritually Mature 

Back: Elders Sirrien, Souza, Bingham and Hukill 
Front: Sisters Redford, Nielsen and Rawle, President and Sister Drake, Sisters Bushman, Browning, Ludlow and Mel-ton 

Back: Elders Roberts, Strong, Stevenson, Mitchell and Smith 
Front: Sisters Porter, Stiles, President and Sister Drake Sisters Rob-erts and Bonar 

L to R: Elder McDonald, Justin Livingston, Micah Wagner, El-der Forbush 

L to R: Kyle Staley, Marissa Yeagin, Elder La-custa, Devon Yeagin, Jerrod Yeagin & Elder Swal-low 

Convert Baptism - Our First Covenant 

Missionaries in the News 

President & Sister Drake 
Comments & Counsel 

Dear Family, Friends, and Missionaries, 
I have been truly touched by the reading we, as a mission, have been doing in the Book of Mormon. This week I have been focused on Ether 12. This chapter is a great teacher of Faith, Hope and Charity. These three qualities seem to permeate the ability to achieve the Celestial kingdom. I want to bring special atten-tion to verses 26-28 that talk about our weaknesses and why He gives us weakness. Verse 26 clearly warns us that many fools will make fun our weakness, not to help us, but to scornfully use us to their end rather than to our growth. " Fools mock, but they shall mourn; and my grace is sufficient for the meek, that they shall take no advantage of your weakness;" He goes on to further state if we will come unto him in humility he will make our weak things strong. A great promise. Verse 28 "Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness, and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me--the fountain of all right-eousness. 
We have been given weakness to help us better understand that it, with faith and hope can become a strength and only fools mock those that try to change and become obedient. Then through charity we ob-tain the "full fountain of righteousness." 
All of us need to continue, as he says in this scripture, to come to him and his grace will be sufficient. Re-pentance is the beginning of the process and His love propels us to succeed. Continue to put your faith and hope in him that we may all become partakers at that fountain of all righteousness. 
Our missionaries are doing great things and although we will miss those who have completed their service and returned home with honor, we are grateful for our newly arrived Sisters and Elders and look forward to serving with them in this great work. 
The Church is true! 
President Drake 


"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the 
doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I 
speak of myself." (John 7:17) 
“We recognize that as learners, you and I are to act 
and be doers of the word not simply hearers who 
are only acted upon. Are you and I agents who act 
and seek learning by faith, or are we waiting to be 
taught and acted upon? 
-Elder David A. Bednar 
(Seek Learning By Faith) 

The size of your faith or the degree of your 
knowledge is not the issue—it is the integrity 
you demonstrate toward the faith you do have 
and the truth you already know. 
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 
(Lord, I Believe) 

Love, Elder Hansen & Bond 

“Knowledge is like paint, worthless... until its applied.” 

Birthday Wishes 
01—Elder Noall 
01—Elder Bigler 
02—Elder Dennis 
05—Elder Futrell 
08—Sister Price 
08—Sister Bare 
10—Sister Thayne 
10—Elder Hyman 
11—Sister Sharpe 
14—Sister Rogers 
17—Elder Martin 
24—Elder Moeakiola 
25—Elder Swallow 
26—Sister Delgado 
28—Elder Haymans 

On 10s going to: 
Elder Strong and Wilder 
Elders Larsen and Daye 
Sisters Casas and Wilson 
Elders Ludlow and Kohler 
Hermanas Owens and Leiva 
Elders Galland and Adair 
Elders chamberlain and Stock 
Sisters Davies and Barrus 
Sisters Sahagun and Bidstrup 
On Their Apartment Inspection! 

Families ~ Up Coming Transfer Dates 
December 7—January 18—February 15 
Please do not send packages/mail to apartments the week prior, as they may be transferred and the U.S. Post Office will no longer forward mail without an additional charge

baptismal pictures to: 
When you email your pictures please label them with those who are in the picture 

All travel for missionaries going home is schedule 90 days prior to their departure. If you need to change airport destinations after that time, the family will be charged the change fee. Please call us if you have any questions at 281-xxx. PLEASE Notify the office EARLY to avoid change fees. 
Thank You 

Please keep the office updated if your: 
E-mail address -Street address -Phone number changes 
Bishop/Stake President changes—we need their new address/phone number 
Please e-mail the new information to: 


I will Stand for Truth and 

Return with Honor 

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