Week 11 10/12/15-10/18/15

Pday. Shopping. And such. Oh and soccer. I won.

We had president interviews today! That's was a lot of fun. While we weren't in talking to president, we were able to listen to the APs teach us about our missions and the purpose that we were sent to Houston. It was amazing to be in. The Spirit was so strong! After Interview Training, we went out and contacted a bunch of people! It was amazing! Then that night, we went and did some service for a member. We helped move a tree house, which was awesome! It's cool what a few extra hands can move!

We spent most of today calling members and trying to set up a bunch of appts throughout the next week. That was super good. We were able to talk to a lot of people, most of them less active or part member families!

After spending most of the afternoon calling people and cleaning out our phone, we decided to go out and contact. Because it's week 11, I (as the greenie) got to lead out the area. So I decided to go contact a bunch of people. So that's what we did. I had no idea where to go, so I just prayed the entire time. And I took turns when I got an answer. After quite a few turns and a half hour later of turning and turning back around. We turned down this one road, and there was a guy coming outside. He is a Chinese delivery guy who was in the middle of getting back in his car after delivering something. We contacted him and handed him a BoM. He started telling us about how he's always wanted one and how the the last missionaries didn't give one or explain where it came from to him, and that's what he wanted. So that's what we did. Super cool!

Fast forward 5 minutes and we'd moved down the street. There was a fellow out rebuilding an old motorcycle. We stopped and talked to him for quite a while! He was a super nice guy! We ended up teaching him the Resto and we also gave him a BoM. It was super cool and awesome!
Prayer works! And it can help you through anything!

Today was another testimony building day! We were just out contacting, cause you know, nothing else to do... And we actually have to be doing something in order for the Lord to work through us. So that's what we were doing! We were biking through this one area by the church and there was a black family outside! They were super nice. We know that cause we talked to them. We end up teaching them about the Resto. And we gave them all copies of the BoM! Lots of fun.

We then went down south to try another potential investigator and he wasn't home. Go figure. So we said another prayer to remember who we need to try in the area. We had two people come to mind. One was down the street and the other was around the corner. We decided to try the one down the street. As we were biking down the street she drove off in a car, going the other way. Obviously not her. So we went to the other one. She wasn't home either. So we stood in her driveway for a few seconds scratching our heads when another black family came outside across the street. They started putting up Halloween decorations and we biked across the street and asked if we could help, which they said yes to. Long story short, we ended up teaching them the Resto! And they accepted a few copies of the BoM. Super cool!

ZL exchanges. We had Elder Otterson with us. He came with us and we had a bunch of lesson set up from our day of calling members. He is a brilliant missionary and has a lot of offer us and he knows how to teach also. Every experience was a learning experience with him.
Amazing. We went and taught a bunch of members and asked for referrals from them. Did t get too many, but it was good. Definitely a learning experience.

Today was filled with service for a member. They were moving and we were able to help them move! Lots of fun and it helped us develop relationships with some members.

J came to church! Remember the one that came last week? Yep, same one. We haven't been able to teach him cause he's been super busy, but he said he liked church enough to come back next week. So he's totally going to keep coming to church! Super lots of fun! After church we biked a long ways. We were biking for a long time and we averaged about 20mph(estimation) cause I don't actually know. But we were moving really fast and my legs still hurt(Monday). We also did a lot of service last night too. We helped another family pack up to move, they are moving to St. George. That's about it for this week.

I ate pancakes almost everyday. That's a lot of pancakes.

-Elder Allen

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