Week 9 9/28/15-10/4/15

Pday! We played bball at the church. Surprise! Then we went to dinner with our recent convert, they have us over basically every Monday for dinner and FHE. Dinner is always amazingly good and we love to go over there. This week we had French Toast and bacon and eggs and biscuits and donuts and juice. It was so good!

Anyway, we got back to the apt complex and there was a lady in the parking lot outside. She is staggering around the parking lot, plastered drunk. We were just about to go inside when she kind of weaves her way over to us and starts asking us what's going on in her life. We have no idea what's going on. So we took her home to the other side of the parking lot where her dad lives. But yep... First real encounter with a drunk person.

We spent most of today knocking doors. It rained most of the day, but it didn't rain too hard. After an afternoon of contacting, we decided to head home for the night. As we were riding past the street of someone we had found the other day, we felt prompted to go see if she was home. We had tried for the last week to see if she was home, but her husband had gone into surgery and was out for,a,week and so she had been running the business for him. Well we followed the prompting and knocked on the door and to our surprise, she was home! We got to talking about stuff again and had a nice little lesson and chat on her door. As we were leaving, she asked if she could take a picture of us to send home. So we consented and she sent a picture to mom! Super nice lady and I'll remember her forever because of that. So mom, that's the other half of the story about the picture... And thanks for the pants! They're awesome and comfortable!

Again, contacting all day long. Crazy. In the apt, we picked out a few streets that we wanted to go and knock that day by praying and looking at a map. We went to the streets previously chosen and started knocking. First house. Nothing. Second house, nothing. Third house, nothing. And so on and so on. We got to about the 9th or 10th house and finally someone answers. We ask if we can share a message with him. He says yes and we go inside! First time that's really happened... We've shared messages on the doorstep, but never gotten inside anyone's house while knocking doors. And on top of that, we learned a slightly different way of contacting that we were trying out. My comp had turned to me and said previously that I was taking this door. I agreed. The first door I took charge of with the new form of contacting we were let in! Pretty dang cool! We were able to teach the Restoration and he said that he wanted us to come back and teach his entire family, cause he enjoyed it and wants to learn more about it! Super cool!

We had a meeting with P today. It was a good lesson, but she still won't come to church! She's been reading though, but having a tough time understanding it. It was a super good lesson thought! We were able to teach her z lot about why the BoM is so important to her and what it means if it is true.

After the lesson, we had our weekly planning session. Basically, it's where we plan our goals for the upcoming week and make plans to accomplish those goals. Lots of fun stuff! 

We had a membership records committee tonight... Basically, we are helping the ward update their records which means that we have to go through and call everyone in the ward directory. It's a big task considering there are over 700 members in the area. And it's hard cause there are only about 150 active members. So we need to go through the area and find everyone that is still here and change those who have moved out. Those that we don't get an answer on the phone or the line has been disconnected, we have to make a home visit and see if we can get their information. But the home visits are phase two and we won't be starting that for a few weeks. And hey, I might be gone by then.

We had a super good district meeting this morning! They are always so uplifting and edifying! Think of how the Restoration of the Gospel has blessed your lives. Think about how different your life would be without it. Think of everything that you do have and understand because we have the restored Gospel on the Earth. Think of the Book of Mormon. Think of the priesthood. Think of eternal families. All of this comes because a 14 year old boy had a question. But not just that, he asked the question after he found out how to ask it. After he had studied it out and pondered about it. He asked with real intent, having a perfect and true desire to know how to proceed with his life. And because all of this happened, the Lord was able to restore His Gospel through this young boy who had so diligently pursued an answer to his question. Amazing, isn't it?

We went and did more service for Sister G. The shed rood that we helped move like my first week here? Well, yep. We are back to moving shed roofs. But only for fun, we pick them up and carry them,everywhere with the wind blowing super strong and all the while feeling like a sailboat;) I had my first taste of Persimmons though. It is a super sweet fruit that has the look of z tomato and the texture of a mango. Fun stuff!

We got up early this morning and went over to the church and had a district breakfast before conference. I made pancakes for everyone. And they are super good! I love pancakes;)

Conference is amazing! Holy cow, those men are inspired! Conference is like Christmas for missionaries. You just get presents left and right. And all the presents are spiritual and amazing. I hope y'all got as much out of today's sessions as I did. Elder Oaks talk was amazing and I think that's the one the hit me super hard. I'm not going to spoil it, so go read it again! 

Before priesthood session, the ward and the Spanish branch had a potluck dinner together. We had bbq brisket and bluebell ice cream and a lot of desserts. Super amazingly good stuff. I didn't get to sit in the usual spot on the stage like back home, but the session was amazing. And there was no ice cream after, which was kinda strange. I miss going with Dad and Matthew and Scott and Kaden. Made for a strange night to be there alone... 

Holy cow! Conference is still amazing! I got my mind blown like 8000 times! I've never paid this much attention to conference before. I wish that I had. I filled up 6 pages front and back with notes from all the sessions. Super good.

I ate another Carolina Reaper today. The Spanish branch had a luncheon between the sessions and everyone was doing it, so we joined in. It was a bigger piece than what I ate last time and it only made it worse. My extremities started going numb, that's when I decided that letting the snake bite you twice just to make sure it hurts is a bad idea. My eyes got a little bit bloodshot, I started coughing, and The rest of the day I thought I was going to throw up. It's a dang hot pepper. One of the Spanish branch people has a plant growing in his backyard, that's where we keep getting them. And Dad, I asked him if I could snitch a few to send home to you. I should get them sometime this weekend and they'll be in the mail next Monday. Try making some salsa with them... They'll wreck you for a while. The bigger the piece that you eat, the longer the burn lasts. And the chile doesn't bite just going in. It bites coming out too. 

-Elder Allen

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