Week 10 10/5/15-10/11/15

Pday! Yay! Lots of fun. Basketball. Email. Basketball. Soccer. More basketball. And piano.

I am with Elder Dominguez today. We are on exchanges. He came out with me and I don't know who decided to put two greenies together. We haven't a clue really what's going on. But we were able to go out and start biking around and talking to people. The other side of Beaumont is really ghetto. There are a lot of drug stops, you can just tell. It's super poor and impoverished and there are a lot of Black people there. We ate dinner at Taco Bell, saw a few people, knocked on a few houses, but weren't having any success at all.

I made pancakes again this morning. They were really good! I'm starting to wonder why I'm getting fat...;)

We went back and saw that lady the we scared the dickens out of. Actually we didn't talk to her. We talked to her not so happy and mostly angry and fuming husband... He 'kindly' told us to get off his porch and never come back. But we said sorry, so our debt has been paid. It's all better now. Cept for the fact that he doesn't have the Gospel in his life...

We had a really successful day today! We were able to teach quite a few lessons to investigators and street contacts alike! It was a lot of fun! We ran into this one guy, his name was Steve, and started teaching him a lesson. About halfway through we found out that he was a history teacher, which was cool. But we were able to tell him about the BoM and the origin of the American Indians and it totally made sense to him! He is a plane nut too, like me, and we got into a discussion about planes and WWII and stuff like that...;) kinda hard to not to with someone that likes it more than me. He's been to museums around the country and knows so much. He's never been to the one at Hill, but he was telling me all about the history of the B24 and such. It was a lot of fun stuff;)

We also taught K again today and finally found out what's holding her back from being baptized. She's been taking the lessons for two years now and doesn't believe the Joseph Smith had a vision... The missionaries just never taught her that. We were able to help her with that concern and helped her realize that if the BoM is true, then Joseph Smith saw the Father and the Son. So it was a really good lesson!

We were busy teaching lessons yesterday, so we didn't get to weekly planning. So we did it today after District Meeting! District meeting was way good! It was about planning with the Spirit and it was a lot of fun! We were able to take what we learned in District Meeting and apply it to our weekly planning.

Tonight we were biking around and decided to stop and talk to this one guy who was standing outside smoking a cigarette. It's about 8:00 ish and this guy is standing on the corner smoking. He has a pony tail. But something told us to stop, cause normally I wouldn't do that. So we stopped. Half an hour later, he's promised to read the BoM, pray about it, come to church and possibly be baptized... Crazy how that works, huh? His name is Johnny and he is part Native American, he has had contact with missionaries before, but never really talked to them. He loaded us up with water bottles (cause we're still biking, ya know) and told us that he'd see us on Sunday. We will see what happens I guess...

We had a bunch of lessons planned. We stopped at the first one. Not home. So we knocked some doors in the area. Then we went to the next lesson. He totally forgot and was leaving just then, so we knocked more doors. And so on all day long. It was frustrating.

We did have a lesson though with a less active family all the way out in China...(it's a little town, not like the one with billions of people) We've been working with this family for a while now and they come to church every once in a while, which is why we've been working with them. We had a good lesson and they said that they would be at church tomorrow!

Fast Sunday!!! Which means no pancakes...:( it's sad. I like pancakes. I've finally realized how much pancake stuff I've gone through and decided I should probably lay off a little bit... 

We went to church today and to our surprise, J (remember the guy from Friday night?) showed up! Just kinda out of the blue! So we sat with him and he asked lots of questions and he loved it! He said he couldn't make it to all 3 hours today, but he's going to try to make it to all 3 next week! Heck ya! We finally have an investigator that actually coming to church, first one since R, who was baptized last transfer. J had a really cool experience with Sacrament Meeting because it was Fast and Testimony meeting and he got to hear a lot of the members bear powerful testimonies about a living prophet and such. It's amazing how everybody says just the right thing. The members were fantastic in coming over to introduce themselves to him and inviting him back next week! It was an amazing experience!

Remember how yesterday we had a bunch of lesson planned, but they all fell through cept one? Yep. Same thing today. I love that so much. We went from having  

-Elder Allen

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