Week 83 - 2/20/2017-2/27/2017

Hey Fam and Friends!
Well, fun stories from the week. We mowed someones lawn and got on their good side. I got to ride the riding lawnmower. I figured wasn't'
disobedient because it says nothing about riding lawnmowers in the white handbook. We cranked out that yard real quick. I think we should start a lawnmowing business.

Today we are going to hunt squirrels. Not with firearms because we can't do that. We bought slingshots. We were going to buy blowguns, but couldnt figure out where to get them.

A black family gave us Popeyes yesterday. We helped them get their brand new basketball hoop put together. they wanted to pay us, but we wouldnt take the money. So they gave us some fried chicken instead.

Elder Taylor left his ipad at Walmart today. We went back when we realized it was gone and walked in and they handed it right to us.

We watched Up this last Saturday. It was at a Ward Party and we got special permission from President. Its a really cute movie and shares a good message! However, I decided that movies are a waste of my time.
I dont think I will be watching any more movies for a good minute. I felt so tired and unproductive while watching it. We had investigators there and it was good for them. They really enjoyed it and got to fellowship with the members. We played basketball with them afterwards too!

The Hardys from Vidor got sealed on Saturday. I got to talk to them briefly over the phone and they were super happy that they were going to the Temple. Super happy that they were able to be sealed!

New haircut.


-Elder Allen

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