Week - 77 - 1/9/2017 - 1/16/2017

Hey Fam!
I love all yall!

Everything is awesome! We had a good week this week. We found a bunch of new people to teach and we are excited to see where everything goes with  them.

The temperature has jumped back up to what it was three week ago and I'm thoroughly convinced that another winter has come and gone. We are back to mid 70s to low 80s. I miss the snow, so we eat ice a lot.

I wrestled another missionary today and lost pretty bad... Come to find out, he was an all American wrestler in high school. Fun stuff:)

We went to Chucks Bar B Que again. Redneck nachos. Those things are fantastic. It's a great food and one of the best inventions I've seen down here. And lemme tell you, I see some pretty great inventions.
Mobile toilets. Blue Bell Ice Cream. Gumbo. Oh, so good.

We play a lot of chair soccer down here on pdays. It's fun.

We've started helming out at the Christian Care center every Tuesday and it's a blast! The people that we serve with are great!

1. Self explanatory.
2. Us at Chucks after District Meeting
3. Us and two guys we contacted. They were very under the influence and were extremely happy to see us:) they got picked up by the popo later that night...


-Elder Allen

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