Week 78 - 1/17/2017-1/24/2017

Hey fam!

Its me again. Sorry to bore yall with these weekly emails. I feel like sometimes I just send the same email over and over every single week. Hopefully this one and the events of this week make up for the rest!

We had interview training this Wednesday. That's what started the rest of our eventful week. 

Friday we went on exchanges after district meeting. I left the area and went down the road.  It started to rain lightly. Then it started to rain a little bit more. Then we went to dinner at a members house. We came back out side and it was dark. We got in the car and had to go pick up some other stuff from my apartment. On the way to the apartment, the lightning started. The rain slowed down a little bit. The sky started flashing blue, which it did for the next 6 hours. 

We got to the apartment and got out to video the lightning. A lightning bolt hit the light pole down the street as we got out of the car. Scared us to death. Then a second one hit the street in the opposite direction. We got back in the car for about 30 second to wait and see what would happen. Nothing else happened except for the continuing blue flashes of light. 

We got back out of the car and proceeded to film a video. I'll try to send it out, but no promises. 

The rain comes. We run inside real quick. Then the rain turned to hail. And the lights flicker. The hail is so loud that we can barely hear each other talk inside the house. 

We stop videoing for about a minute. In that minute, we get a call from our beloved district leader saying that we need to get inside as soon as we possibly can cause a tornado touched down able a mile down the road. And it was headed for us. We were super scared, so we laid on the floor. And nothing happened for about 15 minutes, but we laid on the floor for about that long. 

Then we got up and drove home.

This week I ate a habanero pepper. And a mealworm. It was fun!

-Elder Allen

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