Week - 60 - 9/5/16 - 9/11/16

W3 of T10 9/5/16 - 9/11/16
Bike Stats
Total: 1426.3 miles
Weekly: 42.848 miles
MaxSpd: 23.6mph
AvgSpd: 11.1mph
Time: 3hrs 49min 14sec

This week was good! We were able to teach quite a few people and see a bunch of cool miracles. 

One thought that comes to mind is simply this: Do it. We got out Saturday morning before it rained and biked our little tails out to the far reaches of our area. Funny story about a bike race, but I'll get to that in a second. We stopped by a family that was dropped about this time last year after they almost got baptized. We knocked on the door and a little kid answered, but we didn't know what to say to him so we asked if his Mom or Dad was there, which they were. So he went to go get his Dad. Another guy named D, same name, different spelling, and a different person from the one that almost got baptized a few weeks ago. Anyway, we asked him if we could come in and he immediately said yes! So we went in and had an awesome lesson with D and his son, A. We were able to set them on date to be baptized here in about a month, but it's just a tentative date for now, until we can meet with the rest of the family for now. I'll keep all you people that actually read this updated on what happens!

Back to the bike race! We were about to turn onto this street and all of the sudden the Peloton from the race passed us. There was a biker that was falling off the back of the pack and he fell quite a ways back. We turned onto this road behind this lone biker falling off the back and followed him for about a half mile or so about a 100 yards back and gradually we began to catch him. We were cruising at about 21-22 mph and we caught this guy. I look back at Elder Hobbs and just smile and he told me later that he was thinking, "Oh crap, my companion likes to go fast and now he's following a race." So I ended up catching this guy and following him for a minute or two. Then I realized that he was struggling a little bit and his pace was slowing. So I pulled up along side of him and asked him if he needed a draft... He looked over super confused and then he smiled and said yes. I pulled in front of him and pulled him for about a mile and a half or two miles down this road at about 21-22 mph. He caught his breath for a couple of minutes and then pulled up next to me, said thank you and took off. We pulled into the neighborhood that we were biking down to and he disappeared off into the horizon. Made my day! I got to go fast, sweat a little bit, and help someone! All while wearing a white shirt and tie. I know it made for a sight because of the looks on the faces of the Hispanic construction workers on the side of the road. One of them looked at us, smiled real big and gave us the big ol thumbs up; another grabbed his camera and took a picture of us. It was pretty great!:)

Well those were the two highlights of the week! Have a great week! Love each and every one of you! 
-Elder Allen

Ok, seriously?! This made me mad. Think about it...

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