Week 24 - Update

My week in Houston has actually been pretty good! It is very different from Beaumont. In Beaumont you can actually ride a bike on the street, here is all sidewalk unless we are on back roads. And the side walks are terrible. We are hopping curbs and riding in grass and riding in dirt and jumping curbs and then hopping up cracks and ducking under trees and stuff. You need a mountain bike to bike around the city, it's that bad. 

I like our apartment a lot! We watched our neighbor get arrested yesterday morning! I feel safe for the most part, but walking around ghetto complexes at 8:00 in the dark is always an adventure. You always got to keep that eye out and don't walk with your hands in your pockets. 

He and I get along pretty well! We have argued a little bit, but nothing too bad.  He is a jock and I am not and jocks and I don't get along too well because of it. My last two companions have been almost the exact same. Maybe the Lord is trying to teach me something.

We had a baptism yesterday. We taught her and Elder Tapusoa baptized her cause the other three couldn't... Not strong enough, make sense?

Well, we get fed quite a bit! I have put on quite a bit of muscle and am up to 132 now! I broke 130! And now I have some fat too...

We do our laundry for free now at some other missionaries apartment not too far from us. My clothes are holding up very well! 

It should be pretty safe to send packages, it ain't too ghetto. So you should be fine. Obviously, if it's something super nice, then don't send it here. but you should be fine either way. 

Miss you! We don't have wifi in our apt, so I only get to check maybe twice a week. Does anyone have xfinity or Comcast that would be willing to give me a password? That would make life 10 times easier to have wifi in the apt. 

Love you! I'll talk to you later!

-Elder Allen

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