Week 23

Week 1 of Transfer 5
Hey y'all!

New address:
7950 Bellfort St Apt #147
Houston, TX 77061

Yep! I ain't in no Beaumont anymore!

I'm in Houston! We have an airport right in the middle of our area! So any one of you could come and visit me and I wouldn't even have to leave my area. Or I could just come home. But I'm not gonna do that cause I like it here way too much. But you could come visit, and I might come say hi. Or I might just bike really fast in the other direction.

That brings me to my next point. I am still in a bike area.

My comps name is Elder McDonald! He is 5'5''. He is a cool guy from Kansas. He has been out for 14 months! So that makes him smart in the Art of Missionary Work.

He served in Beaumont too!

We have bunk beds! I like them!

There is a member here named Moroni Aragon. He is the coolest guy ever! He speaks pretty good English. He is in the Bishopric. I think you will be hearing more about him later cause he's awesome and likes missionaries.

Love it here!

-Elder Allen


Subject: Re: Happy 6 Revision

It's good to get out of Beaumont! I am in basically downtown Houston
now. The Ward is called the Broadway 1st Ward and I like it very much.
There are a lot of Mexicans that speak Spanish here and I have had to
use my Spanish 'skills' a few times already. I only understand a
little bit about what they are saying, but it's enough to get by
without speaking too much. I can understand enough to get what they
are saying, but not enough to formulate my own sentences.

We have an investigator who is getting baptized next Sunday night. She
is super solid! And John from Beaumont might be getting baptized here
in the next little while, so I might get to go back and see him and
the rest of Beaumont.

Oh! Something I neglected in the big email. We get to see President
Nelson this Saturday! He is coming to visit us... I'm excited!

We have another few investigators lined up on date here in the next
little while. WE should be getting a few this transfer! And it is
super easy to find people here cause they are all outside. There is a
street called Broadway St in our area. There are so many Apt
Complexes. Look it up. Some complexes have over a thousand apts in
them. It is crazy big and extremely difficult to navigate. Gonna be

-Elder Allen

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