Week 72 - 12/5/16 - 12/11/16

W4 of T12 12/5/16 - 12/11/16

Hey Pham!

This is Elder Allen again. I'm still here in Texas! Still in Vidor and I'm still with Elder Spahr! Christmas is coming up and y'all should always remember what Christmas is truly about. It is about our Savior and about why He came into the world. Simply put, He came so we can all be redeemed and again enter the presence of our Father.

Alright, enough Spiritual stuff. Seriously though, don't forget that.

Moving on! C got baptized this week! It was a good baptism and a lot of fun:) He did have a concern though, he had been taught that baptism symbolized death and rebirth and he thought that he was literally going to die when he went under the water. Well we cleared that one up pretty quick by telling him that if we killed everyone who got baptized, our membership wouldn't be too big...:) He told us he was willing to get baptized either way.

We had New Missionary Training for all those missionaries that came out with Elder Spahr in Baytown, which is about and hour drive for us. Not too bad, but it was a lot of fun! I got to see some old friends there.

Christmas conference is this Wednesday, but it won't be the entire mission. They are splitting it up into two different conferences over 2 days. Apparently the Brethren told us that it has to be this way. I mean, it makes sense and all and I don't have any complaints about it.

Met a super cool member this week. His name is M and he plays the piano and photographs things for a living. He travels all around the world and is originally from Australia. He lives in Vidor now. He can't read any sheet music whatsoever and makes up accompaniments on the spot. Man, he's super good. He also plays the bagpipes and will be playing for us at Christmas conference, just like last year:)

That's about it for this week! Thanks y'all! Love ya!

-Elder Allen

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