Week 29

Well, many of you have emailed me wondering why I didn't email last week. It's cause I didn't have time. Honestly though, I didn't have time. We spent all morning trying to get everything together for the week. Then in the afternoon, we had a tour of our Zone by a fellow that we do service for every week. His name is K and he is a professional tour guide. He is also Jewish... Made for some interesting conversations about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.:) But I'll attach some pics of stuff that's in our zone. It's basically Graffiti murals.

That's about everything cool that we have... And we went inside a Buddhist Temple.

Two Mormons and a Jew inside a Buddhist Temple. It doesn't get better than that...;)

Cool story! My comp and I have given two blessings since I've been in Broadway. One to a Bro S. He has cancer and we gave the blessing on a Thursday. We blessed him to know that it would be ok for him to pass on. He did that Saturday morning. The other blessing was on exchanges and we went with an investigator that was in the other area to pray for his sick wife. We again blessed her that she would be at peace with passing on. We gave the blessing two weeks ago tomorrow. I got a call last Monday saying that she had passed on. Just two super cool experiences that I was able to be a part of. The Priesthood is real and the Power and Authority to act in the name of God and Jesus Christ is again on the Earth. Amazing, huh?

Then Saturday! We went out to Louisiana to assist with the flood cleanup out there. There has been a lot of rain previously and everything out East of Beaumont flooded pretty bad... Everything was under about 5 feet of Water. Those people lost everything. Literally everything. They are starting from Ground Zero. It was a truly humbling experience to see all that. Everywhere we went, there were piles of trash out on the side of the road. We stripped two houses of everything. Furniture, carpet, drywall, insulation, the ceiling. You name it, we took it out. Everything except for the wood frame. Crazy... We were out there all day and I finally got to wear a Yellow Helping Hands vest!:) The feeling of being in the service of everyone is truly amazing. You start to understand how the Savior feels. So, if you haven't served anyone in a while, do it. Cause its amazing.

Well, this is already getting too long. So. See ya! 

Oh, if you didn't get to watch conference, do it. It's amazing!

-Elder Allen

I had a baked potato after conference too. Sis S went to a bbq shop and bought us all baked potatoes yesterday. She's the relief society president... She's awesome! She and her son N are the ones that are in the picture I sent home a few weeks ago. She's the one whose husband I gave the blessing (sorry, my iPad was knocked out of my hands by a soccer ball and it sent early) to and he died that weekend. 

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