First Contact

Hey all!
First of all, the church is true. Second of all, just try your best in everything that you do and whatever you cannot do, He will make up for. I am learning so much and it is fantastic. My companions name is Elder Malm. He is kind of a quiet guy, but he has a heart of gold and a spirit of love. He also plays basketball very well and hes from Colorado. We get along very well and he wants to work. My district is fantastic. I love my district. We have shared so many insights in the Gospel so far. Our district leader is named Elder Hilton. Matthew, hes a 23 year old computer programmer and he is super smart. Josh moved in yet? Tell him to get on it! That room is for the taking. 
I saw Connor Bird on the first day, but we didn't get a picture or anything. I've seen him around a few times. Chase Bennett, Cayden Christensen, few other Elders from our Stake, and then a bunch of other guys that I know from school. It honestly is like Davis High School all over again. There are so many people here. This last group that came in with me is the largest group that has come in this year with close to 750 Elders. 
Im in the laundry room right now and the Elders next to me just pulled out their white shirts and garments out of the wash. One of them left a black pen in the shirt... And now all of their shirts are stained black. Its kind of funny. I'll try to get some of my pictures to upload so I can send another email, but I have to run back to residence because I forgot the cable. I brought the camera, but wasn't thinking...
I love the MTC and have learned more in two days than I did in 4 years of Seminary combined. The Gospel is true. Pray! I've also learned that more often than not, the Lord is waiting for us to act before we can receive those blessings that He is waiting to give us.
Love you all!!!

-Elder Allen

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